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Today in the market, these tamper proof security bags are quite popular which is offered with finding its applications in meeting the safekeeping needs of the confidential documents, valuables, evidences like that of the forensic items that need to be handled safely without any extra print on their surface. These bags are made with the co- extruded 3 layer film with inner layer that is black from inside and milky from outside. 
These are sealed with the hot melt adhesive at the top which allows permanent closure. These are quite safe and secured to be used for. These bags are proved to be best of the packaging solutions with innovated ideas utilized to build it; these bags have the quality to sustainability. 
Significance of these bags:- 
These tamper proof bags are made by the security evident suppliers and manufacturers which are the ultimate solutions to the trade that are involved as a part of security and research. These bags are also used for the purpose of packaging needs. These bags are quite into use for the storage of batch samples and for forensic evidence storing and transporting.  Various valuable jewelleries are also stored and transferred with the secured objective through these security bags. 
Features of these bags:- 
These bags are made from 75 micron coextruded LDPE films with a high security tape that is capable of indicating various form of tampering. It is going to give us the best option of selecting the features that is wanted in to the tape from level 1 to level 4. This is a kind of unique serial which is in the form of printed security tamper bags. This printed bar code makes it easy for storage and identification of the sealed valuables. There is double sealing which ensures that there is going to be no tampering to be taking place along the sides of these bags. 
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